I'm a creative director, writer and visual artist.

Whys and Wonders

With this collection I summarizes my life and path in search of ever new forms to launch a message, which is expressed here in a fusion of colors and concepts that give a different light that illuminates other growth paths.


The best of made in Italy craftsmanship, technology and design. A limited edition collection that are born to be beautiful, useful and sustainable. Their preciousness, singularity, uniqueness: life conceived as ART.

Other works


I organized, wrote and produced several shows such as: musicals, music festivals, theatrical performances.


My career in the music industry as a songwriter, rapper and producer for artists has given me the opportunity to work with many great singers and musicians from all over the world.


As a creative manager and visual artist, I have also collaborate with some of Italy's most prestigious artisans and companies in the field of fashion and interior design.

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