Christine, where does all this creativity come from, and how did it all start?

I guess "hard life" is the perfect answer to this question. From when I was five, creativity was an escape for me, it was my own crystal ball where I didn't need to deal with the reality that was on the outside and where everything was magical. When you have to face things such as psychological and physical abuse at a very young age, you have to invent strategies in order to survive, so I painted another world based on pure love, connected directly to the source of it, to God. That's when my creativity started opening up and molding my personality in a journey that is still continuing to this day.

Studying at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NYC in my teen years was a first step to refine the essence of what I look for in my work, and when I later moved to Italy suddenly everything came together.

Music, theater, entertainment, paintings, fashion, literature... you seem to have an all-around approach to creativity and art. Is it possible to successfully combine such a wide range of interests?

Definitely yes! From my personal point of view, they're all connected.

Your creative journey has entailed both working on your own and collaborating with many different and talented artists. What are, in your view, the pros and cons of these two modalities? Which one suits you best?

Both. Even though I love working on my own projects and spend time alone, my heart is always geared to working with others, we are social people and my growth comes from that also. I like to think that you teach what you're most needing. When I work alone I'm also naturally very satisfied and nearly overwhelmed at times, because I'm able to once again connect with my "magical ball", now in a more mature way and embrace the depth of me, where everything is perfect.

«I learned that everything is possible when you believe in yourself. Because being true to "authentic creativity" goes way beyond common imagination.»