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Jamit Music Production

When I was creating Jamit Music Production, it was what I would call one of the worst periods of my life. I was facing many challenges and losses, but I also showed resilience and determination. I always kept my spirit and my vision close to me. Jamit was a rebirth, a reflection of who I had become and what I now believe in. After the terrible experience with my ex-label and group ICT- Inspiration Colour Trash, I decided to return to the music industry with more greatness, boldness, and pride. Someone who never surrenders.

Jamit was a unique creation, magnetic and passionate, I had learned from my past experience and wanted to create this time a spiritual comeback.

 I can assure you that it is in times like this, that I discovered my true strength and courage. I discovered that I had a, “gift: and that I was going to use it to uplift, first of all, myself and the artists that I was collaborating with. I share this story because it is encouraging to know that when you believe in yourself and have the skills to back up your dreams, no one can stop you but yourself.

Jamit music in no time was all over Italy. I started working with amazing people, seeing my face on buses, performing in top theatres, creating projects with inspiring people, writing novels, manuscripts and directing my own theatre shows, concerts, events and concepts.

All I can say now is: if you can dream it, you can achieve it!