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ICT – Inspiration Color Trash

Yes, I am Christine Joan aka Nikita, the leader and song writer of ICT Inspiration Color Trash, a music project that I started in 1996. Our first single, “Lasciati Tentare”, was released in Amsterdam and became a huge hit across Europe, thanks to the help of our Dutch manager Frits Van SwolL. But as they say, “all good things come to an end”. Just when we were at the peak of our success, I found out that our Italian label was cheating and taking advantage of us. 

I decided to leave both the label and the group, after trying to explain to them what was going on behind our backs. 

I had a child in 1995 and I wanted to focus on my family, instead of traveling the world to promote our songs, while the only one getting paid was our label. I had many meetings with my lawyers and the label, but nothing good came out of them. I was stressed out and disappointed. 

We had some songs like “Eyes”, which came out in 1997 and had different versions in English and Italian, and “Voglio di Volare”, and others. After many years of silence, to raise my child in the best way possible, I am finally ready to “Speak Up” and tell my story about why ICT disappeared so suddenly. 

One of my greatest concern during these years of silence goes to our fans. They were the greatest accomplishment of the entire project. To know that people can be so loving and caring really gave me the strength to go on.  My comeback is dedicated to my fans. 😍