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World Fashion Musical

World Fashion Musical is a winning two-act musical written and by Christine Joan; inspired by the love, for comics, animation, and fashion. The actors then interpret the roles of the protagonists of the cartoon and act wearing costumes representing different super hero. The musical, produced by JMP-Jamit music production.


Theatrical, contains music written by, among others, Christine Joan and Yliena Mullazzini, as well as several instrumentals composed by Luigi Gori, Andrea Gori, Andrea Felli and Christine team.

The show premiered at the Theater Novelli in Rimini (Italy) on July 19, 2009, during the 25th edition of the international Festival of Animation Cinema and Comics Cartoon Club, receiving incredible success.

What happens inside a MANNEQUINS boutique when the lights go out and it’s time to close? Reality wants everything to stay still until the next day. But in the theater, you know, anything can happen and even the rigid mannequins can suddenly come to life and show the audience their most hidden feelings. This is the idea from which “Finally the soul!”

The goal of this unique Fashion Format, is to tell a series of “fairly tales” through a musical key.

A highly original and innovative format, the one conceived by Christine Joan, wants to link itself to the glamorous world of appearance, to launch a deeper message – aimed in particular at the younger generation – full of life, love, and passion, with a careful look at dreams and magic, but also to the commitment and the search for conscious happiness.

It will thus be that Desirée, the protagonist, thanks to the help of Blue Eyes, and the other “superheroes”, will help her to find her truth in love and above all, to let herself be loved.

In this story with a romantic flavor but with a dense and high-impact content, the themes of Shakespearean “to be or not to be” will meet, alongside the all-modern ones of “to be or to appear”, seen through the gaze of those who still know be amazed by the world, by those who seek (and know how to find) the enchantment in everyday life.

World Fashion Musical also created the collaboration with the Onlus Citizenship Association ( which takes care of people with severe mental disorders who live in poverty in low-income countries is very important. Born in Rimini in 1999, it develops and supports psychiatric rehabilitation and psychosocial intervention projects in collaboration with the World Health Organization. 100 admission tickets were made available for the Citizenship Association.


  • Titled Italian: Finalmente L’anima
  • Original language: Italian
  • State: Italy
  • Year: 2009
  • Durata: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Company: JMP-Jamit Music Production
  • Tipologia: Musical
  • Direction : Christine Joan Johnson
  • Musical script: Christine Joan Johnson
  • Text supervision: Rosalba Spinalbelli
  • Illustration: Marianna Balducci
  • Animation: Riccardo Maneglia, Massimo Modula
  • Music, lyrics, choreography, scenography and costumes : Christine Joan Johnson
  • Instrumentals: Andrea Felli, Luigi Gori and Andrea Gori
  • Lights, audio: Planet service
  • Web: