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Pimp “D” Sneakers


On the occasion of Cartoon Club, the works of art created by some well-known artists, designers and young artists, who have used the theme of time to create and exhibition in the spaces of the Modern Wing of the Museum, with the the collaboration of the well-known gallerist Gianfranco Rosini – Rosini Gutman Art Gallery.

The project wants to be the driving force that allows the ideas of young hidden talents to emerge and show themselves alongside already established professionals in the arts sector, for this reason one of the significant elements of the project is precisely the dialogue between the creative and alternative vision of the young artists and that of already established professionals.


Year: 2014
Event: Art Exhibition
Location: Museo di Rimini, Italia
Collaborator: Fabio Dolci
Art Consultant: Gianfranco Rosini
Agency: NFC Rimini
Creative Director: Christine Joan Johnson
Artists: Rabarama, Angelo Borgese, Erika Calesini, Biagio Castilletti, Giovani Gurioli, Thea Tini, e ancora Giulia Tabaro, Francesco Bonassi, Gianluca Martucci, Stay Foolish, Antonella Severini, Rita Ciocci, Federica La Marmora e Giulia Palombi, Alessio Bolognesi (Sfiggy), Marco Abrate