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Sigismondo Goes Pop

From an original idea born with Sarita Maggioli, in collaboration with the creative director Christine Joan for the Ramberti Group, in homage to the most famous gentleman of Rimini: Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta.

Christine Joan’s exhibitions symbolically represent this contradictory figure through 9 chromotypes, which transform the original creations into comfortable, simple, but authoritative beach or garden seats, colourful paintings’in tecnica mista on canvas ‘ Limited editionT’shirts : a sort of pop tribute into a fascinated event pop.

The strong chromatic contrasts interpret the contrasts of the personality of the “Prince”, gradually described as a cultured and refined patron, but also as a fierce and ruthless warrior, sure of himself, at times hesitant as a refined thinker.

Just like in a popular novel, opposite feelings meet and collide without logical solutions of continuity, as happens in our experience: therefore a pop realization in perennial metamorphosis, which we know only in the single frames, almost always without being able to decipher its complexity.


Year: 2015
Country: Rimini (Italy)
Work: Art collection, furnishings
Collaboration: Sarita Muggioli, Ramberti Group