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MEANDMYCITY is a captivating educational project aimed at people of all ages, with particular attention to young individuals between the ages of 15 and 30. In this experience, participants immerse themselves in a philosophy of innovation, observing their own city from various perspectives: professionals, consumers, and active citizens. The goal is to deepen the understanding of community functioning and social dynamics 

This dynamic concept goes beyond, immersing itself in Italy’s most refined villages. Here, the secrets and culinary traditions passed down from generation to generation are rediscovered. People are at the heart of this experience, and each village has its unique story to tell. An example of this diversity could be the passion for a traditional dish, the craftsmanship of a local artisan, or the warm welcome from a village resident.


MEANDMYCITY is a journey that transcends typical tourist guides—an opportunity to connect with the cultural and human roots of these places. It’s an invitation to discover, savor, and appreciate the richness of every Italian village.

This innovative format aims to promote well-being and represents a journey within and beyond ourselves. Love and determination serve as reminders to seek unconditional love if we want to live in peace.


The first volume of MEANDMYCITY is Il Bene Nel Male (Good in the Bad) that has been accomplished, and the project “CUCITO addosso Michele Luzi” (stitched onto Michael) who is co-authored and founded alongside me. Michael, a young man born and raised in Urbania, was the protagonist of our first announcement experience. Through his life of trials and challenges, we intend to promote a message of love and respect for what often escapes everyone’s eyes. When we have the will to take risks, everything becomes possible—even miracles—when we courageously embark on a journey of self-discovery.