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Inedit World Music Festival

The Inedited World Music Festival was a project that I conceived, directed and produced with my dear friend, Mr. Jean-Paul Maunick, also known as “Bluey”, the leader and founder of the legendary group Incognito. A festival born with the aim of offering an opportunity to artists from 16 to 60 years old, coming from every musical genre. My motivation for creating this festival was to celebrate authenticity, after experiencing many other festivals. I had only one mission for this festival, finding the Absolute. To achieve this, I decided to be different, a bit braver, and to have only two judges: Federico Mecozzi and Mr. Jean Paul Maunick. They were two amazing musicians from different cultural backgrounds. By bringing them together as judges and co-producers, I reached the excellence that I was looking for.

Because to select the absolute, I had to work with artists-judges who shared the same passion, the same profession, and the same inner spirit. So I created a strong connection between creativity and reality in one big jam session concerts- First glimpse with Federico Mecozzi and then final live show before Bluey. He chose his absolute.

The beauty above all was that in each stage of our festival, there was a concert with one of the judges. The artists had an opportunity to connect with these superstars by opening their concerts. The excitement and tension was truly an amazing experience for both artists and judges.

I organised three very important appointments before everything got frozen. Still today our festival awaits new opportunities.  Anyone interested in taken on a collaboration please dont hesitate in contacting me.