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Un pianoforte nel bosco

Un Pianoforte Nel Bosco (subtitled Piano In The Wood) is an inedited opera written, directed and composed By Christine Joan, orchestral arranged and directed by Stefano Nanni One of Italians most finest, pianist, composter and jazz orchestra director. The story is based on a cultural tear Jerking fairytale that speaks about the power of love, narrated by Pino Insegno, the most popular filmmaking voice in Italy. An outstanding cast was all it took to make this one magical cross-over opera a success.


Special guess appearance and recital live on piano Yutaka Nishimura. A very beautiful black Fairy Princesses, Performed by Sherrita Duran, Four charming castaway Elf’s, Choreographed by Arabesque Dance Center and Mr. Frederic Alyivi, all very excitingly curious with ambiguous minds were nominated the head of all the games to be expressed inside the castle. Frontrunner of the Elf’s, Ylenia “JAM” Mulazzani, was the missing ingredient.

Both her and the Piano shared the same spirit, the same life, but yet, so far away from the light of consciousness, almost like a big hidden secret spelled their sadness and confusion. Until one day something very amazing happens to the both of them, that changed their entire life.

The Opera was presented in the Italian theater Novelli, for the first time in the month of November 2011 along side with Ensemble Strumentale G. Lettimi di Rimini.


Year: 2011
Location: Teatro Novelli, Rimini (Italy) 
Starring: Sherrita Duran, Ylenia “JAM” Mulazzani
Guest: Yutaka Nishimura
Choreography: Arabesque Dance Center, Mr. Frederic Alyivi
Lead voice: Pino Insegno
Arranger and music director: Stefano Nanni
Music: Ensemble Strumentale G. Lettimi Rimini